With passion for the region

As a traditional company deeply rooted in our home region, which has become what it is not least thanks to the people from the Allgäu, we not only feel closely connected to the region, but also want to give something back.

Family togetherness
Play golf and do good. Charity & Sponsorship.

ABT has been organising a golf tournament in the region for over 20 years. We provide the funds for this. Over the years, a considerable sum has been collected - a total of over half a million euros, which has gone to various charitable organisations.

11 clubs. ABT on the jersey.

We love everything that rolls. On four tires. Or made of leather. We sponsor eleven sports clubs in the region. Including TSV Durach and the ESC Kempten Sharks. Because they have what we have: The drive to achieve the goals we set ourselves.

The ABT Arena. Realised with solid financing.

We are involved in the construction of the ABT Arena with more than EUR 110,000. The completion has thrilled us at ABT. So do the clubs that use it and the crowds that fill the stands.

Ski resorts. Where we ski.

We maintain working relationships with Lech and other ski resorts. Out of regional solidarity - and because we love the area.

Cooperations. Together with Kempten University of Applied Sciences.

We are making a sustainable contribution to the development of innovative drive technologies.

The project is being implemented in close cooperation with Kempten University of Applied Sciences.

Everything that is good for people. We pay attention to good corporate governance.

No risk of corruption, discrimination or disadvantage. We respect human rights in general and workers' rights in particular. Basic information on the topics of human rights and anti-corruption is available for our employees on our website and for new employees in their welcome folder. Specific code of conduct recommendations are described in our "Notice of Compliance Violations and Human Rights Violations".

We offer equal opportunities and the possibility for advancement and self-realisation to all. Because we don't care where our employees come from, what gender they are or what they believe in. The main thing is that they share our common goals. For us it is important where they want to go. With the company. With us. Into the future.