Clear environmental goals are defined

With the planned implementation of our environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2015, we are specifically focusing on the evaluation of all consumption. This includes electricity, water, waste, fuel, heating and paper.

We have involved the entire workforce and established a 14001 project group that evaluates all environmental aspects and derives measures from them. The result is an environmental programme that is continuously optimised and updated - across the entire Group.


Already implemented
New spotlights fitted. 85% energy saving.

We have converted all the lighting in our administration building to LED. This saves up to 85 % electricity compared to conventional lighting. With around 200 LED light sources of 8W each, this corresponds to a saving of 2540 kW compared to halogen lamps of 58W - calculated over 254 working days and 4 hours a day.

Switched to inkjet printers. Print speed increased. CO2 emissions reduced.

Replacing conventional laser printers with the latest generation of inkjet printers saves costs and reduces emissions. Up to 3 t CO2 calculated over five years according to the manufacturer - and that is already the case when replacing a copier with just an inkjet printer. We have switched: to 15 new printers. We are planning for savings of -5%. In the course of the changeover, we also reduced our total print volumes. Now we print less, but faster and, above all, with lower emissions.

By now, we generate energy with the roof. With two photovoltaic systems.

Two roofs - two photovoltaic systems. We let the sunshine in. On our ABT Motorsport warehouse, 593 PV modules deliver a whopping 98 kW.

On the roof of the ABT e-Line, 280 PV modules generate 52 kW.

10X E-filling stations. One for AC & DC.

At ABT Sportsline, service customers and employees can now charge their e-vehicles directly on our premises. We have installed two new e-charging stations, and these are now used not only by our customers and employees, but by ourselves, for our vehicle fleet. In addition to the two from ABT Sportsline, there are five new e-fuelling stations f or ABT e-Line. Since May 2022, these five new e-charging stations in our staff car park have supplemented the three e-charging stations already in use behind the workshop - and one of them charges both AC and DC.

e-Caddy introduced. 858 kg/a CO2 saved.

E-mission instead of emission. We have largely converted our ABT Sportsline fleet from diesel to petrol and have also added an e-Caddy. Small and purely electric, it saves about 360 litres of fuel at around 500 km per month, or about 6,000 km over the year, which would otherwise be 6 l/100 km. At 143 g CO2/km, this corresponds to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 858 kg CO2 per year. That will become more. Definitely. From year to year. ABT e-Line already has two hybrid vehicles in addition to a diesel.

Cardboard instead of plastic.

Anything that can be recycled at the racetrack, we recycle. We use disposable tableware made of cardboard and wood. We dispose of hazardous substances or dangerous building materials such as oil filters, coolers, etc. - professionally, of course. Nothing is left behind that we cannot dispose of or recycle properly.