Together as a team

ABT SE, ABT Sportsline, ABT Motorsport and ABT e-Line employ 200 people. We have put a lot on the line together. And achieved a lot together. Therefore, their welfare is important to us.


Everything that is good for you
Match-fit. Modernized own fitness room.

In our in-house gym, our employees can work out and recharge their batteries. During breaks. After hours. Whenever they can arrange it.

Service bike offered. Bike park ready.

We have converted the vehicle fleet, introduced e-mobility, offered a service bike and also set up a bike park. For all those who commute by bike.

Fluid levels checked. Water dispenser installed.

There is nothing like a balanced water supply. To ensure it, we have installed water dispensers and distributed drinking bottles throughout the company.

Health checks carried out. Occupational health check-ups scheduled.

Simply put, it’s like a service package: We offer our employees a company pension scheme, an occupational disability scheme, company medical check-ups with consultations with the company doctor and health days.

Sooner or later. Flexible working hours. And opportunities in the region. In the best conditions.

Everyone has their own pace. One starts earlier, the other later, and more and more are working from home. Everyone arrives at their destination. We have set up flexible working hours for this. In this way, we all achieve more together.

In addition, our employees enjoy many benefits. We have agreed attractive employee prices with providers in the region. For example, in the Physiotherm health products world, for the employee campaign wheelsets, with the Körperschmiede Kempten, with Cellphone Allgäu GmbH, Juwelier Hollfelder and with Ravensburger Spieleland - to name but a few.

Always ahead. Further education and training. And the topic of occupational safety.

We are always ahead of the game. It is important to us that our employees stay up to date. Because the better they are, the better we will stay. To this end, we offer all of them a wide range of training and development opportunities - including general training, e.g. in English.

We also have regular joint ASA meetings - at ABT Sportsline and ABT e-Line. This occupational safety committee deals with all topics related to occupational safety and health. Where do we stand? What have we achieved? What still needs to be implemented - and by when? For example, occupational safety instructions, first-aid training, fire safety assistant training and everything that serves to ensure safety in the workplace.